Basic math skills • Pre-Algebra • Algebra I • Algebra II • Geometry • Trigonometry • Statistics • Pre-Calculus • Calculus • AP Level Courses

English/Language Arts

Grammar • Handwriting • Essay Writing • Creative Writing • Literature • Reading • Speed Reading • Comprehension • ESL • Vocabulary

Foreign Languages

Available upon request

Test Preparation



General Science • Biology •  Chemistry  • Anatomy • Physics  • AP Level Courses

Study Skills

Test-Taking • Note-Taking • Organization • Time Management • Listening Skills • Research Skills •  See Academic Coaching on our popular programs page

Government and Other Social Studies

Social Studies  • Geography • Government

Special Education

We have certified Special Education teachers available to assist the child with special needs.  Our trained professional will work with the school and other staff to help the student excel and feel positive about themselves and their progress in school.

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What clients are saying:

Pam Waggoner: "I have used Four Points Tutoring for 2 school years. They will match your student with the right tutor and if you need to make a change, there is no problem. I have really appreciated the reliability of the tutors......" continue reading

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