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Academic Coaching

Four Points Tutoring is now offering “Academic Coaching.”  This is a new form of tutoring that assists students with the overall learning approach as opposed to re – teaching.  Traditional tutoring focuses on content mastery in a specific area of study, while  academic coaching creates an infrastructure for learning.  Through weekly one on one support our coaches will help students acquire the skills necessary for success in the classroom and beyond.  The Academic Coach will focus on the following skills:

•Study skills
•Note taking
•Writing school papers
•Test taking techniques
•Time management and organizational skills
•Identification of individual learning style
•Eliminate procrastination
•Creating a study space

The Writing Center

Welcome to the Four Points Tutoring Writing Center! We believe that few skills are more important to a student’s academic success than excellent writing skills.  It’s no surprise that we’ve developed a reputation as the place to come for writing help, as we have some of Austin’s top writers and teachers working with the Austin community!  Our team offers workshops, private one-on-one tutoring, and group sessions.  We can help in all areas of writing, including:

•Creative writing
•College essay writing
•Basic grammar and proof reading
•School assignments/tutoring
•Essay writing basics (brainstorming, thesis statement, reviewing the writing pyramid).

Four Points Tutoring-  Writing Tutors:

  • Justine Tal Goldberg – author, professional writer, owner of WriteByNight
  • Gwynne Ash,Ph.D., Professor of literacy, Texas State University, San Marcos

Our clients have been thrilled with the results!  “On Saturday our son had his interview with Congressman Carter’s Nomination selection committee.  After he introduced himself and sat down, the first thing they told him was that he had the best organized, most well written essay they had seen!   What a fantastic way to start off!!  I just wanted to say thanks for all your work with him over the summer.  It seems to have paid off!”  Melissa Mitchell- Parent

College Preparation

Four Points Tutoring offers services for the college bound high school student. Our specialist will assist with the college selection process,  completion of the application package,  essays preparation, and finding appropriate financial aid.

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What clients are saying:

Pam Waggoner: "I have used Four Points Tutoring for 2 school years. They will match your student with the right tutor and if you need to make a change, there is no problem. I have really appreciated the reliability of the tutors......" continue reading

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