Keep your child’s academic skills up over the summer

April 18, 2016



Decades of research has clearly shown that enjoying a few months off from school in the summer can lead to setbacks in children’s academic performance. Children not only experience a loss of general academic knowledge over the summer months but multiple studies indicate that students routinely score lower on standardized text scores once students return to school in the fall, than they did on the same test a few months earlier.

 Teachers report that they spend the first month or more re-teaching and reviewing material that their students have lost over summer vacation. Valuable classroom time is therefore lost which could be spent teaching new material.

 Loss of Math computation is the biggest problem, where students lose about two and a half months worth of grade level math skills that have been forgotten over the summer. Reading and spelling abilities also show a decline but appears to be less significant than the loss of Math computation skills.

 Make sure your child will have the knowledge they need to be successful in the upcoming school year. I have a team of well- qualified tutors ready to help your child over the summer months.

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Pam Waggoner: "I have used Four Points Tutoring for 2 school years. They will match your student with the right tutor and if you need to make a change, there is no problem. I have really appreciated the reliability of the tutors......" continue reading

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