The need for creativity in the classroom

October 10, 2014

One of the most popular  “TED” talks of all time was given by a gentleman name, Sir Ken Robinson.

Please watch as he shares his point of view that our education system needs to foster creativity in the classroom!



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Cell phones in the classroom

October 10, 2014


iStock_000008177672LargeI was recently in the car with a group of teenagers and was interested to observe their social interactions.  They were all carrying on conversations with their friends, but were equally engaged in their text conversations.  It made me think about the classroom and wondered if their social media was a distraction or if this new generation could thrive with this new form of technology.

According to most educators, interaction with phones and other technology can at times be a distraction but the reality is that it’s proving to be a real advantage in the classroom.  Educators see the following as very clear advantages of cell phone use in the classroom:

-Students have the world at their fingertips and can draw on this for classroom studies.

– Teachers are now using applications on smart phones that allow students to work on collaborative projects.

– Teachers are incorporating programs that allow them to gauge student response in real time with activities, games and quizzes related to class material – all through phones.

-Students can record class lectures for review at home.

-Teachers are using texts to interact with the students as opposed to e mail.

The bottom line is that electronics are going to be a part of the 21st century, and students and educators are in new territory learning how to incorporate these devises into the classroom.  They want to use it to the advantages of technology while preserving classroom teacher student interaction.  While it “appears” that phones have the possibility of distraction the vast majority of students and educators feel that it is a huge benefit to their education





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