Back to School Success

July 25, 2010

It’s that time of year again, back to school for Austin students.  It can be an exciting time as students meet new teacher(s), reunite with their friends, and get back to the school routine. For most kids the transition is a positive one, however, almost all students will be a little anxious and may experience stress while adjusting to the new school year.
The student will ultimately dictate their own experience; however, parents can play a key role in helping the child navigate and managing the stress and demands of the new school year.  To help parents promote a positive experience for the children Four Points Tutoring has compiled a list of tips that will help your student thrive!
One Month Before:  Parents and students will want to spend time reflecting on the successes and struggles of the past school year.  Ultimately, you will want to focus on improving any area of weakness.  A month prior to the start of the new school year is an excellent time to begin tutoring if necessary. 
Two Weeks Before:  This is an excellent time to start preparing for the change in routine.  Make it a point to go to bed earlier and waking up close to the time that school will start.  This is also a good time to unplug from excessive television, and all other electronics.  While it is ideal to have been reading all summer long, the reality is more than likely that summer has been more carefree and now is an excelling time to get back into the daily reading habit.
One week Before: Take your student to the school to locate classrooms, bathrooms, lockers, and if possible even meet the teacher. This is an excellent time to review all material sent from the school and teacher with your child.  Discuss the room number, class theme and any other information that would be helpful and interesting to your child.  This is also a good time to review the year, decide on any after school activities they would like to partake in and if applicable put important dates on your student’s calendar. 
The Night Before: Lay out clothes for the first day of school, this should be something that is new or an outfit that the child feels good in. Discuss what the day will look like but try not to over build the experience/anticipation. 
The First Day of School:  Probably the number one most important thing a parent can do is to send their children off to school with a good breakfast.  Studies show that children that eat a good breakfast do better academically than their peers that skip breakfast.  Finally, reconfirm transportation arrangements for younger children reassure them that you will be there when school is over for the day. 
Finally, make it a point to have dinner together every night with your children and especially the first few days of school.  Clear your own schedule this week as much as possible and let your child know that you care about them and how they are doing in school.  Take a minute to talk about what your child will be learning, view their class material and reinforce a positive atmosphere.

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